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2013-06-10 03:11 pm

OC: Stan Fine

551948_4548174224066_1450938691_n Image (C) Anthony Massa

Name: Stanley Fine, goes by Stan.
Age: 16 (could vary in stories)

Race: Human, part demon.

Powers: Control over fire, demonic in nature. Keen intellect. Moderately efficient at hand to hand combat as well.

Weakness: Water, any water based magic. Has "emotional issues" so is very open to telepathy. Also is more fast than strong. Foes tend to use that against him.

Personality: Cold and calculating, very sarcastic and dry witted. Somewhat politically minded, and driven towards his goals no matter what. Willing to do morally ambiguous things for the greater good, but would rather refrain from killing. Has a soft spot for animals.

History: Born in Boston, MA. His father was a factory worker and his mother was a nurse. When his mother was a child, though, she was kidnapped and tortured by an occultist group, whom placed a demonic curse on her womb. When she gave birth to Stan, well, he inherited quite a few things from this curse. His powers started to surface at age 8, and he developed them over the years.
When he was 9 years old, his father was killed by an unknown attacker, and his mother went missing. He travels the world looking for the person who killed his father, looking for his mother, and adventuring.

Height: 5'6