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Name Eric Cartman

From: South Park!

Appearance: Eric Cartman

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Personality: Cartman is a fat, immature, racist, greedy sociopath. Some say he's pure evil in the form of a little kid. Really though, he does what benefits him. Has no empathy for others and is a very manipulative person. Here is a more extensive article on his personality:

Backstory: Born in South Park, Colorado, Cartman's upbringing was...strange. His mother was quite promiscuous in her day, and until very recently Cartman had no father that he knew of. His friends mercilessly teased him for being fat, which caused him to be the evil bastard we all know and love. His mother always gave him what he wanted, so he grew up very spoiled.

Moral Standing: Does many, many, MANY terrible and evil things. But no matter the situation, he considers himself the good guy. Will fight for the cause of good if it benefits him as well. Here is a list of his heroic deeds:

Dreams: Ten million dollars, to rule the world, and an unlimited supply of cheesy poof snacks.

Fears: Hippies, Aliens, being killed.

Character Location: Cartman's house:
Cartman residence


Writing Sample: "Eugh, What the ff.." Eric Cartman, a young, fat little boy emerged from the Well. "Ay! Where the hell am I?! Ay! AY!" The young boy shouted about, calling for anyone who could help this poor, innocent, frightened little boy. "I'm seriously! If someone doesn't tell me what the f**k is going on here I'm gonna be pissed off!" He looked at his hands, dull in color. He watched as they brightened and dried of the black muck. "Gross! Weak! What the hell...KYLE! Kyle and Stan, you douchebags! I hate you guys! Kenny!" But his friends were nowhere to be seen. "Dude, weak. Where am I?" He spotted the device next to him, and immediately forgot his worries. "Ooh! Sweet an iPad! Can't wait to show those guys, especially stupid Kyle, this is so much cooler than his."


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